Saturday, June 28, 2014


 This is one of my favorite songs (the music video is sort of crazy and wild and weird and strange and lots of other words). Sia's voice is extremely similar to Rhianna's, and Chandelier is one of those seemingly utterly perfect songs (at least to me!)

I think Chandelier is also a song that really inspires me (for whatever reason), so I thought of a bunch of other things that I like these days: Tavi Gevinson and Rookie, Tavi's old interview with Emma Watson and this one with First Aid Kit (they have SUCH good music- like a modern, feminine version of Bob Dylon).
There is, of course, all the summer clothing trends (like flower crowns and pastel hair!) that defines this year as unique, but I also think that the scientific discoveries that are being made this year are amazing (to read up on those, I suggest The New York Times newspaper or Science News magazine).

Monday, June 23, 2014

A Bunch of bOOks

HI. I have threeeee books that you simply have to read... 'cuz.
1. Buzz Kill: Beth Fantaskey
Millie, seventeen years old and absolutely hilarious, tries to figure out who murdered football Coach Killdare. Chase Albright, (according to the book) gorgeous but completely mysterious about his past, could be the killer- or he could just be the love of Millie's life (or something like that. Pretend I didn't ruin it for you, 'kay?!)

2. Jacob Have I Loved: Katherine Paterson
Sara Louise Bradshaw hates her beautiful, talented twin sister Caroline- who also happens to take up all her parents' attention. "Wheeze," as Sara Louise is nicknamed, wants to stand out for once in her life. But in order to do that, she really has to do something extraordinary.
Jacob Have I LovedThe Vigilante Poets of Selwyn Academy

3. The Vigilante Poets of Selwyn Academy: Kate Hattemer
Funny (and a bit sarcastic), Ethan and his three best friends (Elizabeth, Luke, and Jackson - whose dad is "incidentally" named "Jack") decide to take over the dark side (aka For Art's Sake, a cheesy but addicting reality TV show, from taking over Selwyn Academy. But when Luke suddenly decides to take part in the show himself, Ethan and the other two are left to saving their artsy, talent-filled school from destruction... along with the help of one gerbil (NOT rat!!!) named Baconnaise.

If you have read or are reading these books, tell me what you think! What are your current favorite books?

The Culture Club: Catching Fire

Have you heard the playlist for The Hunger Games' "Catching Fire" yet?! Such a good set of tracks! My favorites are "Silhouettes" (Of Monsters and Men), "Shooting Arrows at the Sky" (Santigold), "Mirrors" (Ellie Goulding), and "We All Want to Rule the World (Lorde). I also love "Devils May Cry" (The Weeknd).
Search them up and listen to these- and tell me what you think and what your favorites are in the album!

Here are some of my favorite fashion-related things that match the mood of the songs ( and actually, I was planning to make a video, but I couldn't decide which song was the best for this, so I guess it'll come next post! )

ALL OVER BOW SWEATER by Alice + Olivia

Sunday, June 22, 2014

See You Next Year, Spring!

There has always been something magical about spring; it's probably the vibrant colors and the way flowers seem to appear out of nowhere.

I've discovered the game UNO. I played it against myself AND I WON both times!!!
(No kidding. )
It was actually really fun and it worked because I couldn't remember what cards I had in any of my two piles. 

Links to do with Spring:
1. Marni's Spring 2014 Runway- it was mostly inspired by floral prints and so pretty! Click to the last 10 looks or so- they are the absolute best and some of my favorite pieces of the year!
2. Vogue Daily posted this about floral crows.

ANYWAY, here are some pictures I took that really inspired me because of the colors.I love how flowers are so easy yet difficult to photograph!
Below that I have some pictures of florals in fashion that I LOVED!

I had better rose pictures, but they are all on my camera (this was taken with my iPhone 5). My camera has no more battery, and I MIGHT have lost the charger...

Thursday, June 19, 2014

This is Summer and We Can Do What We Want To (Sometimes) 
The picture and edits are both mine.
I decided to start a blog for my summer amusement, and because I wanted to share things that I found and ended up liking. I think that a lot has characterized me this past year; including photography, science (since when did that actually happen?! I still can't believe that I really like science these days!), reading, writing, and other things, such as fashion (I can't begin to explain how much my taste in clothing has evolved since September!).

I can't believe that a whole year has gone by; the thought of it is surreal. So, yesterday, I took a trip down memory road...
 Look. I actually made that.
My photography began to improve after I got a real camera and began to practice...
This is my dog, Caline. She's a beagle/labrador/greyhound mix.