Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Tuesday Tunes (this is so cheesy)

Well, HI- it has been a little while since I last posted something on here... though not that much has been happening.
Here's some of my favorite music of this weeks' playlist of mine.
1. Phantagoram (Lights); The Hunger Games: Catching Fire
2. Dirty Paws (Of Monsters and Men); My Head is An Animal
3. King and Lionheart (""); ""
4. Primadonna (Marina and the Diamonds)
The first and third song are slow, pretty, calming songs. The second song is also slow, but listen to the lyrics; they are so beautiful! The fourth song is one that I think a lot of you will really like, and is similar to the one by Sia that I posted about last time (it's called Chandelier)- just Primadonna is a bit more pop-ish.
What did you think? What songs are on your playlist this week??


Isabella said...

I love the OMAM song! It always seems whimsical and delicate and that makes it all the more lovely to listen to.

Sammie said...

thanks for sharing these
i love to discover new songs that i can then put on repeat :)

Areeba said...

I'm going to listen these songs.. Currently TFIOS song by Troy Sivan is on REPEAT! Love his voice!

Saw your comment on Rookie mag, coming from there :)

Helen Louise said...

I'm really into Lorde at the moment!
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