Friday, July 4, 2014

summer is the best thing ever: world's shortest essay on why and a lot of pictures that I randomly picked

Well, the Flipagram thing definitely isn't working very well... but that's okay.
It has been a while since we last talking properly... about chocolate bunnies. (Okay, fine, whatever- but seriously, this is the best food in existence! If you cut them, you get really good chocolate shavings that you can use as toppings or whatever.) What I'm mostly excited about is going to Italy in one month- I'll go to Milan, Florence, Rome, and a few other places (I'm psyched, even though I've been to Italy a lot before). I'll take pictures!

Below is some weekly inspiration.

Vogue Daily - Beauty's New Nautical Mood: Preppy Stripes, Sea Salt Soap, and Lobster Red Lipstick 

And- wheee! It's the fourth of july! This means celebration, fireworks, and and a rainy day! (yay...)
By the way, this tumblog is sooo cool! And if you want more fresh colorful stuff, look at this one. Rain sucks, so I personally need some enlightenment from my BFF the internet (I wish...)((My internet is too slow for me to love it that much)). 

I think that white + colors are the BEST these days, because it's summer, and that is what summer is for- wearing the most ridiculously wonderful things, stuff that you'd never ever dare to step out of the house with. 
In summer, you can do what you want to!

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